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Description of zeolite:

Zeolite is a natural hydrated aluminosilicate ion exchange mineral with a dominant characteristic. This characteristic is the ability to bind other elements and whole compounds as well since it is one of the few negatively charged minerals in nature.

The name zeolite came from the ability that some mineral rocks have, to excrete the water they contain, when heated. This gives the impression that the mineral boils. Initially the name zeolite was given, in 1756 by the Swedish mineralogist Axel Fredrik Cronstedt who observed that during the rapid heating of the material stilviti, there were produced large amounts of steam, coming from water that had been adsorbed by the material.

The name "zeolite" comes from the Greek word "Zeo" meaning boil and “lithos” meaning stone.

Zeolite variety

There are more than 80 types of zeolites, in nature. The mostly known of them is the clinoptilolite, mordenite, chabazite, analkimitis, fillipsitis, erionite and evlanditis. The most important is the one containing clinoptilolite and is ideal for agricultural and livestock use.

Zeolite is a 100% natural mineral with dozens of applications and excellent results.

Why should I use Zeolite?

Research results showed that the use of natural zeolite improves the root system of plants, increases productivity and decreases up to 100% the need of pesticides. This result brings significant new data.

According to studies, the use of appropriate and high quality natural zeolite in water and agricultural cultivations, removes cyanobacteria at 51-92%, remove gases, as well as organic, inorganic and organometallic compounds by 20-99%, increases the production of agricultural products by 17-66%, improves fruit quality by 4-46%, reduces fertilizer use by 56-100% and irrigation water by 33-67%.

The use of natural zeolite, as nutrition supplement and floor covering material, in animal raising houses, increases production and improves the quality of products (meat, milk, eggs, etc.) as well.
In addition to the above, zeolite reduces food intake, diseases and medication of animals, neonatal mortality, ammonia and odors in the stables while it converts manure into odorless compost.The natural zeolite binds fungi, bacteria, gases (ammonia), inorganic and organic constituents, regulates PH and ammonia in the intestinal system as well as the trace-elements of the animals and their products.

The natural zeolite selectively binds harmful ingredients of liquid and solid waste of the farms, prevents leaching and their wash away by rain water, thus protecting the quality of surface and underground water.

How can I buy Zeolite?

The process is very simple. Depending on your needs you can order as much as of our products you want in a 25 kg bag.

In any case you can call us at +30 2310-780660 or fill-out the interest form and our customer’s service will contact you!

Zeolite Applications


  • Conventional and organic farming
  • Livestock
  • Aquaculture
  • Industry
  • Waste cleanup
  • Water filtration
  • Aquariums

Granular sizes of zeolite


  • 0,0-0,063mm
  • 0-0.15mm
  • 0-0.8mm
  • 0.8-2.5mm
  • 2.5-5mm


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