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Our company


Our Company

Our company commenced its operations in 1985 as a trading and importing company supplying with raw materials most of the existing foundries in Greece.

In 2011 we have broaden our product range adding new raw materials such as natural zeolite, bentonite, perlite and sanitary sand. We are very well aware of the beneficial properties these new products have for humans, the cultivations and animal husbandry.

The flexibility of our commercial policy combined with our knowhow and our flexible package (25kg) forms our competitive advantage.

Our corporate values are our business compass leading us and helping us in our daily efforts to gain customer’s attention, interest and preference in any sector in which our products are applicable and necessary.

Our goal

We aim to increase the productivity of all kind of applications using our products. In order to achieve our goals we are continuously enriching our product range while we conduct quality and performance tests, checking on the job results.

Our vision

To create in Greece, based in Thessaloniki, a unique and exclusive center of natural stones/minerals which will provide to our esteem customers the opportunities to increase the productivity of their work, help them solve problems and finally achieve higher profitability.


11th km of Old National Road Thessaloniki - Kilkis
Zip Code:54500
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