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The use of Zeolite in agriculture

The natural zeolite mineral is used with great success in the cultivation of a wide variety of cereals, fruits and vegetables.

AgricultureThe zeolite mineral as a soil enhancement product.

The zeolite due its great ability in cations exchange and its porous properties, is binding heavy metals from the ground and gradually releases nutrients to the root system.

The reasons to use zeolite in agricultural works.

  • Absorbs the nutrients and gradually releases them, as required.
  • Absorbs and binds the toxic substances.
  • Helps to balance the soil’s PH by neutralizing the acidic components of the soil.
  • Reduces alkalinity of the soil.
  • Improves the ventilation of the plants.
  • Helps the balance of alkali metals.
  • Improves root development.
  • Retains moisture (water retaining capacity).
  • Reduces the need for pesticides and other additives.

Benefits and results from the zeolite use in agriculture.

  • Increases the retention of nutrients
  • Increases production
  • Improves the quality of the fruits
  • Treats the diseases of the roots
  • Treats and extinguishes the pathogens and the seeds of the weeds
  • Reduces the overall cost for pesticides and fertilizers

Zeolite is 100% natural mineral.
It is rich in minerals and does not disintegrate.
Suitable for conventional and organic (ecological) farming.

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