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Applications in Farming

elia-onlineThe use of zeolite in farming

The zeolite as soil enhancement is used in all kind of cultivations and in all kind of soils.
Zeolite is 100% natural mineral which is ideal for conventional but biological (ecological) cultivation also.

Application of the zeolite

The zeolite can be applied to existing trees and newly planted as well, to greenhouse cultivations, to flowers and vegetables and to garden lawn also.

The reason to select and use zeolite is that is rich in microelements, it has special characteristics and properties, has the ability not to disintegrate through time and the multilevel help it offers to the farmers regarding the soil enhancement and their production increase.

vamvaki-onlineThe zeolite holds the proven ability of a natural mechanism which is slowly releasing nutrition elements to roots system of the plants contributing to a drastic improvement and increase of their quantity and quality of production whilst decreases the quantity of the fertilizer needed.

There is an additional contribution of the zeolite to the environment.

Zeolite unlike the ordinary fertilizer reduces drastically the outfall of the nutrients to the underground water and to the environment.

Applications for soil enhancement

Before any action it is important to know the composition of the ground (if it contains sand, clay, etc.) and depending on its composition and the plants to be cultivated we have to apply the appropriate size and quantity of the zeolite grains.

rodakinies-onlineIn solid soils with great presence of clay it is recommended to apply the biggest size of zeolite grains while in light sandy soils smaller sizes are recommended.

When smaller (thinner) grains of zeolite are applied a lesser quantity is needed.

For the fertilization of the soil, the ideal way to apply zeolite is through the use of a milling machine covering the total area in a depth so close to the roots up to 10 - 14 cm away.

Ιn farms where the use of milling machines are not possible the farmer can apply zeolite by the usual way of the fertilization of the farm.

The zeolite can be combined and applied with usual fertilizers as well and also to be combined perfectly with active microorganisms.

ntomaties-onlineIn normal outdoor cultivations the recommended zeolite quantity to be applied is 200-600 kg per acre (depending on the kind of cultivation).

Applications of zeolite by spraying

The spraying mode of application creates a shield of protection to the plant resulting:

  • Prevention and cure of several diseases
  • Treatment from bacteria and fungi
  • Protection from insects hatching eggs
  • Better treatment of the diseases of the foliage

ampelia-onlineThe use of zeolite protects the trees and the plants from many diseases and some of them are:

  • Leaf spot
  • Mildew
  • Mites
  • Thready

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