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Applications in Poultry

kotopoula-onlineThe zeolite increases feed efficiency and reduces the levels of ammonia into the farms.
Also zeolite is used to improve the health, hygiene and well-being of the birds into the farms.
Many bird farms have eliminated the odors problem and are in the position to offer better health and welfare to their birds as well as productivity, by adding to their food, zeolite up to 2% of the total quantity of the food.
Welfare of the birds means better health, more production and more profits of course.

Often ammonia levels into the farms exceed the desired limits.

The application of a thin layer of zeolite on the bedding, results in a reduction of odors in poultry farms.

Reasons for using zeolite into the farm:

  • Healthy environment into the poultry farms
  • Welfare of the birds
  • Control of aflatoxins in poultry
  • Reduce humidity within the poultry farms
  • Absorption of ammonia which is present in all poultry farms
  • Reduce of odors coming from the presence of ammonia
  • Reduction, even elimination of the flies
  • Better quality of the manure and therefore improvement of its performance when used as fertilizer

Benefits from the use of Zeolite:

  • Increase in egg production
  • Improvement in egg quality
  • Thicker shell of the eggs
  • Reduction of burns in the tread caused by the phosphorus
  • Reduce of birds’ mortality
  • Increase of the spawning frequency
  • Increase of the birds’ weight by 5-10%
  • Reduce of the need for antibiotics and drugs
  • Elimination of scours
  • Reduction of egg breaking by 3-5%
  • Increase of the nitrogen content in the manure leading to a better quality fertilizer
  • Recycling water washing of eggs after filtering through a layer of zeolite
  • Reduction of negative effects of aflatoxin from feed

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