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Applications in Cattle

agelades-onlineMany animals such as ruminants, pigs and poultry need to get pure protein from their food.
Ruminants such as dairy cows, cattle, sheep, goats, etc. have in their stomach, microorganisms that convert the non-protein nitrogen (NPN) in ammonia and then ammonia into amino acids, which are then transformed into proteins.

The presence of non-protein nitrogen at high levels into the feed of animals creates large amounts of ammonia absorbed into their blood and leads to a differentiation of the acid base balance into their blood. This creates the following symptoms:

  • Swelling - due to excessive quantity of ammonia
  • Shortness of breath - occurs when the animal tries to correct the disturbance of its acid base, by adjusting the levels of carbon dioxide in its blood
  • ΈLack of coordination and balance

The zeolite also provides reduction of dicalcium phosphate up to 50% which contributes to the good health and to the prevention of infections and diseases.

The reasons for using zeolite in cattle lots are:

  • Healthier environment into the stables.
  • Better living conditions for the cattle.
  • Reduce humidity into the stables.
  • Absorption of ammonia which is present in all stables.
  • Reduce odors coming from the presence of ammonia.
  • Reduction, even elimination of the flies.
  • Better quality of the manure and therefore improvement of its performance, when used as fertilizer.
  • Control of aflatoxins.

Benefits from the use of Zeolite:

  • Improves meat quality.
  • Increases milk production.
  • Stimulates the appetite of animals.
  • Contributes to the better digestion of foods.
  • Reduces the cost of food compared to the quantity of meat and milk production.
  • Reduces mortality.
  • Contributes to animals better health.
  • Better living conditions and welfare.
  • Reduces the need for antibiotics and medications.
  • Absorbs the harmful mycotoxins.

Conclusions from feeding cattle with zeolite:

Studies have shown that when zeolite is added to the feed of young calves, improves their growth and reduces the incidence of scours.
The animals which were fed with zeolite as a food supplements gained 20% more weight on average than those without zeolite in their feed.
Although the calves consumed more food, the cost per kilogram of weight gained was significantly lower than the others which were fed without zeolite in their diet.
Also, the dung of calves which were fed with zeolite contained less water and less solid particles, that were not digested.
Generally the health of the animals fed with zeolite was significantly better than the others without zeolite.

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