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Applications in Horses

aloga-onlineHorses which are fed with zeolite in an amount up to 2% on average of their overall feed or into their individual rations, grow faster and stronger, they appear in excellent health while are calm with a better behavior than the other horses which are not fed with zeolite .

The reasons for using zeolite in horse farms are:

  • Healthier environment within the stable
  • Better living conditions of horses
  • Reduction of moisture within the stable
  • Absorption of ammonia which is present in all stables
  • Reduce odors coming from the presence of ammonia
  • Reduction of frustration and kickback phenomenon
  • Reduction, even elimination of the flies
  • Better quality of the manure and therefore improvement of its performance when used as fertilizer

Benefits from the use of Zeolite

  • Improvement in skeleton growth.
  • Improvement in coat color.
  • Ammonia reduction which causes problems in stabled horses making them vulnerable to respiratory problems (when levels of ammonia are high).
  • Reduction of bacterial infections and respiratory diseases.
  • Increase the speed of growth.
  • Improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.
  • Decrease of the percentage of food loss through the digestion process.
  • Reduce the phenomenon of wood chewing.
  • Reduce the nervousness.

How can I buy zeolite?

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