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More zeolite applications

The mineral of zeolite is useful for a number of applications and multiple uses in industry, aquaculture, water and sewage.

Industrial use and applications

The zeolite can be applied in water filters, binding the carbon dioxide while improving water quality.

Sewage processing and purification

The zeolite acts as a natural filter for liquid industrial waste, binding the toxic and heavy metals.

Applications and uses to the waters.

The zeolite is an ideal filter for the water of the swimming pools due to the advantages coming from its porous body. These advantages are:

  • life time resistance to corrosion
  • ion exchange capacity
  • antibacterial ability to remove bacteria and viruses
  • pollutant removing
  • reduces eye irritation
  • improves the quality of water
  • makes maintenance of the equipment, easier

Applications and uses in aquaculture.

The addition of zeolite removes from the waters the toxic and heavy metals, such as:

  • mercury
  • chromium
  • arsenic
  • cadmium etc.

Additionally removes nitrogen and:

  • regulates and stabilizes the PH of the waters
  • absorbs and binds ammonia
  • accelerates the speed growth of the fishes
  • creates a much better living conditions for the fishes